Rugbie is an awesome dog. He is super fast,
very smart and likes to bite my face.
~Kita Bear (future dog-wife)

The Mascot

Rugbie, my dog, has some issues from his early months of life, so sadly you won’t get to meet him on a photoshoot or at a meeting. But I wanted to introduce you to my honorary mascot and constant source of amusement.

My husband and I adopted this rough and tumble puppy in 2009. Eerily smart, with a mind of his own and misguided paranoia, he is constantly keeping us on our toes. He jumps with excitement at the mention of the word “ball” or “outside,” but is afraid of the rain and basically anything that moves. Each day is an adventure spent playing fetch and making his world seem a little less scary.

I have a huge passion for animal adoption and hope that I can use photography as an avenue to help. It has definitely been more difficult than I thought adopting a dog from a shelter, but I can’t imagine my life without him around.